Leaf Spring Coil Assisters
Leaf Spring Coil Assisters

Questions & Answers

These questions have been asked by our customers.

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How long will delivery take?


The delivery time is roughly 2 to 3 days due to the weight of the kit.  We use TNT.


How do I book in for them to be fitted by yourself?


Please email or phone us and arrange a day which suits you best.


How can I pay?


We take cash, cheque, Paypal, Credit card, Debit card or internet transfer.


Why Coil Spring Assisters and not new leaf springs?


Over the years we have discovered that new leaf springs only last a few years before they start to look like they do now. Also the cost of leaf springs can be 3 times the price of an assister kit.


What do Coil Spring Assisters do?


They help to assist the worn leaf spring. They return the vehicle's rear to where it should of been when new. Also they help with body roll and handling. When our Spring Assisters have been fitted you will get a much better ride when loaded up.


What about the MOT?


The only M.O.T requirement is that they are fitted correctly.


How long will they last?


If fitted correctly they last out the life of the vehicle. We use very heavy duty materials and the kits are made to last.


My vehicle isn't listed?


If your vehicle isn't listed on this site please email us and we will send you a diagram which will help us design a kit for you.


How do I know if I can fit the kit myself?


The only way to describe this is if you can fit a starter motor on your vehicle you could easily fit the assister kit.


Where are the Spring assister kits made?


The kits are made by ourselves at Custom Campers UK. All steel and parts is made in the UK.


Is there a warranty for the kits?




Why do you use such big springs compared to other kits on the market?


We use big springs as we want the kits to last a lifetime, not to break or wear out in a few years.


Who else sells your Spring Assister kits?


Nobody, as the owners of the patented design of these kits Custom Campers UK are the exclusive suppliers of these kits.


I want to fit the kit myself but don't want to pay for shipping, Can I collect a kit from you?


Yes, please contact us first to agree a date and we will have the kit ready for you to collect.


Can I pay for the kit and fitting in advance? or pay by card on the day?


Yes, if you click on the "Buy it now" button for your kit and pay for the fitting on the day. There is a "Buy it now" button for the fitting as well on the "Fitting charge" page.












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