Leaf Spring Coil Assisters
Leaf Spring Coil Assisters

Talbot Express, Fiat Ducato, J5 & C25            All kits are £375 + P&P or Fitting.


Please read everything on this page, it will answer a lot of questions you may have.

Talbot Express/ Fiat Ducato/Citroen C25 from 1984 to 1994 all have the same leaf spring set up. We do 2 load rating kits for the Talbot.

900kgs for a light SWB camper

1100kgs for a heavey SWB camper conversion

1400kgs for a large motorhome.

If your not sure which kit you require, please ask.


After some years of having the weight of all the motorhome/camper equipment sat over the rear of these old vehicles. The leaf springs start to bend the opposite direction to the way they should. Please see below my own Talbot motorhome before & after.



This is our own design owned by Custom Campers UK. If your Talbot motorhome or camper suffers from rear end sag. Custom Campers UK have developed an assister that will lift and impove ride. These are a very heavy duty pair of coil springs that fit in between the chassis and axle. They are not like other brands. These will not wear,  break or weaken. We supply this kit as a D.I.Y kit or we can fit them for you. I fitted the same kit to my Talbot motorhome in 2008.

We offer a fitting service here in Cheshire. However if we are too far away from you why not check out our fitting agents list to see if there is a fitter near to you. You will find this list on the "Fitting Agents in the UK" page

Please note:  All Talbot express, Fiat Ducato & Citroen models are all the same set up regarding the leaf springs. However on some motorhomes you may have a water tank or waste tank in the way of the kits cross member. This is no problem as we can make the kit without the cross member. The only Talbot Express that has to have the kit without the cross member is the Autosleeper Rambler, this has two gas pipes in the way. So this model has to have the kit without. If your not sure please contact us for a chat.If you are looking at fitting one of our kits on a Camper or motorhome please check that there is nothing like a water tank fitted directly above the axle as that is where the kit sits. If you do have a water tank we do a special kit which locates in different position.

As you can see we use very strong coil springs compared to others. Each coil spring is roughly rated at 700kgs .

The rear of motorhomes and campers do suffer with all the weight of the equipment on board. The vehicle and leaf springs were never designed to have the constant weight sitting over the rear axle.

This photo was taken before the kit was fitted. The leaf springs are bending the oppisite direction.

This is after the Spring assister kit was fitted to my Talbot. As you can see it fits between the axle and the chassis. Note the correct bend in the leaf spring now.

We can also supply Rear shocks for the Talbot Express. These are heavy duty gas shocks and are rated at 800kgs. The gas shocks are only for the Coach built Talbots. We can also supply oil shocks for the campervan conversion.

Fitting charge £175 Please email us to book a time & date.

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